At Happy Trails Equipment, Rice Lake WI

Kioti (pronounced Coyote) has been building tractors for 70 years and selling tractors in the USA for 30 years.  Kioti is a high quality well-made piece of equipment for use on farm, landowner, landscape and forester. Kioti has vertically integrated manufacturing so they literally build and assemble all the major components on the complete tractors to assure quality year after year. Many companies private label their small to intermediate tractors and will often change major components, drive train, engine brands and hydraulic pumps to save money. 

Kioti has numerous options like cabs with extra cab lighting, wipers, tinted glass, window defogger, phone charger, cup holders, music, heat, air conditioning, along with filters air to keep the dust out.  They have hydrostatic transmissions or shuttle shifting, and even manual shifting depending on the model and size.  Many have cruse control, auto PTO and high buck lift and load capacity.  Third functions, mid and rear PTOs are common for grapples, mid mount mowers and sizable rear implements.  Kioti has a 6 year Power Drive Train warranty on the with no hour limitation.  When you think of tractors always consider the benefits of Kioti orange, always ahead of the pack.

Happy Trails Equipment is a sister company to Northwest Honda which has been part of the community for over 61 years in Rice Lake.  We pride ourselves with selling the best products, with excellent parts and service to back those sales.  These complimentary product lines are a great match for Northern Wisconsin customer’s needs to maintain and clear woods for trails and hunting.  Move snow and access animals, fields, and equipment in the winter.  Where farmers on a tight budget can buy a NEW well-made tractor with great versatility and a no worries warranty at a price that is reasonable.  Come see why Kioti “runs ahead of the pack” at Happy Trails Equipment in Rice Lake, WI 23 W St. Patrick St, or on line at where is always worth the trip.